Vulnerability Discovery Manager (VDM)


The Vulnerability Discovery Manager (VDM) analyses all possible vulnerabilities that can potentially be exploited in the infrastructure. It covers both cybersecurity and privacy vulnerabilities with a particular focus on health data, healthcare information systems and medical devices. The discovered vulnerabilities are stored in an internal database and support interdependencies between vulnerabilities and recommended solutions. This helps the threat intelligence phase, aiming at discovering possible attack surfaces, and adversarial models.


Additional resources

Deliverable   D3.3 Vulnerability Discovery Manager (March 2020)
Paper        Gonzalez-Granadillo, Gustavo, Rodrigo Diaz, Eleni Veroni, and Christos Xenakis. "A Multi-factor Assessment Mechanism to Define Priorities on Vulnerabilities affecting Healthcare Organizations." In Italian Conference on Cybersecurity 2021 (ITASEC 2021). 2021.
Asset page     VDM on the Horizon Results Platform
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