Report on CUREX's workshop on "Data Analytics to strengthen Healthcare Cybersecurity"


The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), one of the CUREX academic partners, organised and hosted on Monday March 22, 2021 the online workshop "Data Analytics to strengthen Healthcare Cybersecurity - The example of the CUREX project", within the framework of their MSc programme in 'Data & Web Science'. The workshop’s primary objectives were to:

  • Give to MSc students a tour of the work related to exploiting data analytics for enhanced cybersecurity.
  • Provide concrete examples based on the innovations produced by the CUREX project towards the healthcare domain.

The peak attendance during the workshop reached 72 participants. The workshop’s schedule consisted of five sessions, each of which featured a presentation given by a CUREX researcher, followed by a short discussion slot to answer questions from the audience. All the participants were granted access to the presented material and received their personal participation certificate signed by Prof. Athena Vakali, Director of the Data & Web Science Laboratory and AUTH’s principal investigator for the CUREX project.

A few days after the event has concluded all the participants were asked to provide their feedback anonymously by completing a short online questionnaire. The results showed that the attendees were very satisfied with both the organization and the quality of the presentations, as well as the overall content of the workshop. The outcomes of the workshop and the results collected from the questionnaire circulated to the attendees will be reported in D7.3 “Final report on dissemination, communication, standardisation and exploitation”, due at the end of the project.


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