Private Blockchain (PrB)


CUREX’s Private Blockchain (PrB) registers different types of data, such as the cybersecurity and privacy risks scores of the organizations. So, for example, if an EHR needs to be sent, the blockchain network provides the risk and cybersecurity scores and the organisations involved can be certain about these. Thus, whenever data is sent to some place or another, the blockchain keeps tracks of these movements. Consequently, it enables the traceability of electronic health records, while also enabling audibility. Hyperledger Fabric version 1.4.8 was the technology selected to build and deploy the CUREX’s PrB. As part of the first long term support release version (v1.4), v1.4.8 incorporates several patches related to the implementation of the RAFT consensus algorithm which is the algorithm chosen for the PrB.

In the framework of Use Case 3, the CUREX platform will be used in MyHealthMyData nodes to assess the privacy level of the data packages before being shared (at data controller facilities) and once the data has been received (at data requestor facilities) in order to evaluate if the data package is compliant with the data management policies defined by each institution. Thus, the CUREX platform will serve as the risk assessment system for hospitals, research centers, universities or private organizations part of the MHMD network. Moreover, the CUREX PrB will run as a parallel blockchain of the MHMD blockchain so that the communication between the networks can be performed by using smart-contracts designed to read and write transactions between both platforms.


Additional resources

Deliverable   D5.1 Blockchain Design Specifications (November 2019), D5.2 Blockchain Release (to be published)
Asset page     PrB on the Horizon Results Platform

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