The vision of CUREX is to safeguard patient privacy and increase their trust in the currently vulnerable critical healthcare information infrastructures, especially in cases where data is exchanged among healthcare stakeholders within any business, operational and systemic cross-border environment. By leveraging novel methods on ontological health data modelling, vulnerability discovery, threat intelligence, cybersecurity, and privacy risk assessment methodologies, and state-of-the art in blockchain technologies for health data, CUREX aims at enabling secure and authorized sensitive health data exchange. CUREX will achieve its objectives by empowering healthcare institutions to efficiently, accurately and effectively assess and address their cybersecurity and privacy risks associated with health data exchange and enhance their cybersecurity and privacy awareness among the organization personnel. By capitalizing on technologies developed for the well-known H2020 project MyHealthMyData (MHMD), CUREX will offer a secure-by-design business network based on the MHMD blockchain technologies and software that will provide accountability and auditability functionalities that will increase trust among hospitals and care centres. CUREX will provide GDPR-compliant tools and applications targeted towards healthcare professionals and individuals, offering a secure and private-by-design environment to access and exchange data. Compliance with GDPR will be achieved in various ways including subject consent, access control, and purpose of data use, time, and storage limitation. Using CUREX’s outcomes, EU citizens will experience the same level of healthcare services in EU member states with confidence that their data is protected from a wide variety of commodity as well as advanced cybersecurity and privacy threats.

CUREX Platform will deliver trust-enhancing, secure, and private-by-design systems and applications by delivering specific results based on the following set of measurable objectives and key results.

  • Objective 1: To deliver tools for assessing cybersecurity and privacy risks associated with health data exchange.
  • Objective 2: To deliver a decision support tool for devising optimal cybersecurity and privacy safeguards.
  • Objective 3: To deliver a blockchain-based platform for enhancing trust in health data exchange.
  • Objective 4: To enhance cyber hygiene in healthcare organisations.
  • Objective 5: To demonstrate the value of the CUREX Platform through proof-of-concept use cases.
  • Objective 6: To conduct techno-economic, market and legal analysis and propose business and application models.

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