Join us at the European Big Data Value Forum 2021


In the forthcoming European Big Data Value Forum 2021 that will take place between November 29 - December 3 both in Ljubljana, Slovenia and online due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, CUREX will have its own session to demonstrate live for the first time to a wide audience the cross-border health data exchange use case scenario.

The session will feature four presentations by CUREX partners. First, we are going to give the audience an overview of the challenges that healthcare organizations have to face when it comes to cybersecurity, given the vast proliferation of cyber-attacks against medical data. Then, the CUREX platform will be presented from a technical point of view focusing on the functionalities carried out by its individual components that have been combined under a flexible, modular and agile architecture. In the third presentation, we will define a real-life use case scenario on cross-border patient mobility, where an individual visits the nearest medical facility due to a health emergency while traveling abroad, explaining how CUREX addresses the unique challenge of cross-border health data exchange in a secure, private, and GDPR-compliant manner. Finally, a short demo session will take place, showing how CUREX ensures in practice the security and privacy of health data exchange for cross-border patient mobility.

Join our session and see CUREX in action!


Session Agenda (download PDF)




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