Human-centric Cyber Hygiene

The course "Human-centric Cyber Hygiene" covers human-related aspects regarding cybersecurity and data privacy in the healthcare sector. These aspects are relevant to other business verticals, where the human factor is at the forefront.

We start with the introduction and background presenting the cyber threats in healthcare, the definitions of Cyber Hygiene, the state-of-the-art on Cyber Hygiene, the commercial solutions for cybersecurity training and awareness, as well as some recommendations by cybersecurity organisations. Next, we provide the details of the proposed Cyber Hygiene solution that is a survey-based risk assessment methodology for recommending optimal human-centric controls to manage various human-related cybersecurity and data privacy risks based on the identified risk strategy. Finally, we present and discuss the results and findings from the application of the Cyber Hygiene methodology to the three CUREX healthcare organisations.




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