Heath Professional and Patient Applications (HPA & PA)


The Health Professional Application (HPA) and the Patient Application (PA) are end-user applications of the CUREX platform aiming towards helping the patient, hospital personnel and all other stakeholders in establishing a secure and GDPR compliant process for health information exchange. These applications are essentially the only interfaces between the CUREX platform and the actual, medical or technical end user. HPA and PA are primarily focused on capturing the user feedback and providing the system information in an as user-friendly manner, while implementing the business logic required to achieve GDPR compliance (provide user’s consent and interact with the blockchain network) but hiding the implementation details from the end users.


Additional resources

Deliverable   D5.3 End-user Applications (to be published)
Asset page     HPA & PA on the Horizon Results Platform
Demo video   https://youtu.be/DO9LDtnUzCg




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