Cyber protection in the health sector needs a holistic Cyber Security overview. In this context, we have joined forces and established H2020 Synergy, in order to increase collaboration together with ASCLEPIOS, PANACEA, SAFECARE, SPHINX and FeatureCloud projects.

The aim of this synergy strategy is to increase the collaboration between relevant projects, in the field of cybersecurity in the health sector. It will identify common problems, discuss on methodologies, toolkit and solutions that each project develops to assess and reduce cyber risks in hospitals and care centres to protect privacy, data, and infrastructures and establish a joint task force for integrating the knowledge generated from each project and exchanging ideas.

The aim of this synergy is double. First, we would like to share data between relevant EU projects in order to exchange knowledge on the cybersecurity in the health sector. All the projects are cybersecurity oriented, so it would be useful to observe each methodology to improve any necessary aspect. Secondly, we aim to establish synergies with other projects so as to exchange ideas about future expoitation suggestions. The sustainability impact of the project is highly essential, and it is better, if we collaborate with other EU projects to find and propose effective measures to sustain their usage.

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