The Fundació Privada Hospital Asil de Granollers (FPHAG) is a healthcare, socio-sanitary and social care center, integrated into the comprehensive healthcare system of Catalonia.  FPHAG comprises several centres and is led by a Patronage and a Board of Directors. The Foundation is made up of the Geriatric Center Adolfo Montañá and the General Hospital of Granollers, which provides health care assistance both for acute and non- acute patients and it is the reference hospital of the territories comprising the area known as Vallès Oriental, covering a population of around 400000 people and with a total number of beds of 340. The institutions’ mission is to serve the population by offering health care and social health services that contribute to the improvement of their health and their quality of life. The foundation is also integrated by the Adolfo Montañá Elder Care Facility, an assisted care facility for elderly people with a capacity of 52 people. Another important role is played by the Sant Jordi Day Care Centre, a centre for the treatment of patients with dementia and cognitive disorders (Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia), with the capacity for 40 people.

Research and Education are also very important. Research and innovation at the FPHAG is growing and expanding: the institution aims at increasing the number of research activities and collaborative research projects both at a local, national and European level that involve its health workers. To do so, an Office of grants, contract research and technology transfer was created in late 2007. The constant motivation has led the hospital to incorporate into the networks, platforms and regional and national clusters, managers and promoters of research and innovation in health and medical technologies such as REGIC (Network of Managing Entities of Clinic Innovation), XISCAT (Catalan Health Innovation Network) whose hospital was a founding member in 2011, ITEMAS (Platform for Innovation in Medical and Health Technologies) and the Health-Tech Cluster (of the Generalitat of Catalonia). From 2012, the hospital participates in European projects of technological innovation of the European Programme H2020 in the program of "Active and Healthy Aging" (IDONTFALL and RADIO) and in regional PO FEDER Grants with two research projects within the RIS3CAT Catalan Communities of applied health technologies (TEC-SALUT) and multidisciplinary solutions for the next health challenges (NEXTHEALTH).

Teaching is an important activity developed in the Hospital, accredited for postgraduate teaching by the National Council of Medical Specialties. In the hospital, doctors of various specialities are trained by the MIR (Medical Resident Intern) system. Currently, the centre has 11 accredited specialties for MIR as well as post-graduate training for nurses in obstetric-gynaecological nursing specialty (midwife) and the training of pharmacists under the Pharmacy Resident Intern (FIR) system. Regarding pre-graduate training, the institution collaborates with various universities.

FPHAG wants to be a referent in health care, and social health care. Being recognized for its sensitivity to the needs of its patients, the commitment and competence of its professionals and the excellence of its services in an environment of innovation and efficiency all are goals of its principle mission.


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