Cybersecurity Risk Management


Within this course, the Cyber Risk Management within the Healthcare Industry and the importance of managing risk are discussed. The core components that IT healthcare personnel, practitioners and medical device designers should consider and follow to protect patients, employees and healthcare assets are covered. Firstly, the current healthcare landscape, with the rise of internet-connected devices and digitisation of medical health records is presented. The key terminologies found with cyber risk management are analysed and the types of methodologies that can be used are explored, while also presenting healthcare statistics to show the intricate details of cyberattacks. Τhe cybersecurity planning and the importance of policies, standards, procedures and guidelines is then covered and how these need to be followed within the healthcare domain. Next, the cyber risk assessments and the factors that should be considered when wanting to measure a healthcare practice’s risk posture are presented. Finally, the risk mitigation is discussed, exploring how this process should take place and the number of options available to use.


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