Cybersecurity in Healthcare by Chris Hankin


The course “Cybersecurity in Healthcare” by Professor Chris Hankin aims at providing an overview of the emerging challenges and mitigation strategies to defend against cyber threats in the healthcare sector. The target audience includes, but is not limited to, IT healthcare personnel, practitioners and cybersecurity researchers. The course starts with the landscape exploration covering the technology trends, as well as relevant risks and threats. Next, the emerging challenges are presented on different fronts including, for example, connected medical devices, AI-based decision making, EHR, robotics, cloud computing, and precision medicine. Mitigation strategies to effectively handle cybersecurity incidents are then discussed including IT-based measures for securing the infrastructure and increasing resilience, human-centric measures such as awareness raising and education of the healthcare personnel, as well as policy-related and regulatory aspects. Finally, open research challenges are presented with regards to the quantification of the impact of cyber events both on patients and organisations, understanding and modeling resilience in terms of the organizational inter-dependencies and system flows, and behavioral aspects of the human workforce.


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