CyberLens B.V. (CyberLens) is an innovative SME, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, specialising in cyber security and privacy technologies. The company was established in January 2018 as a subsidiary of CapriTech Limited, UK (

CyberLens offers a team of five researchers, all holding PhDs, in network security, cyber-physical security, cyber defence decision strategies, mobile network security, sensor network security, and having participated in over 30 EU projects prior to joining CyberLens and in two H2020 projects CapriTech currently participates; one on cyber security of robotic vehicles in border security, and one in the cyber security in virtualisation and large 5G infrastructures.

CyberLens was established to undertake both theoretic and applied research, shape the development of complex software, and disseminate knowledge by working hand-in-hand with European large industries, SMEs, research centres and universities. The company's portfolio includes software development, IT research, and business consultancy. CyberLens’ executive team members have a rich track record in developing software, publishing their research in high impact factor venues, attracting research and innovation fund and participating successfully in research and innovation projects. CyberLens’ focus areas are:

  • Security and privacy requirements engineering
  • Cyber security risk management
  • Security and privacy for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Security for cyber-physical systems (including unmanned robotic vehicles)
  • Security of critical infrastructures (which include large-scale, complex systems such as power and energy systems, healthcare systems, telecommunication networks, etc.)
  • 5G Security, including security for virtualised (NFV/SDN) environments
  • Collaborative intrusion detection and classification

Cyber defence optimisation based on game theory


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