Cyber Hygiene (CH)


The Cyber Hygiene (CH) tool is a survey-based risk assessment methodology for raising cybersecurity and data privacy awareness of different employee groups in healthcare organisations. The CH methodology focuses on the gaps and needs of individual employee groups to identify the most effective strategy for managing cybersecurity and data privacy risks and recommend human-centric controls to implement the strategy.

The CH methodology is a unique solution that addresses a number of challenges in the healthcare sector, as well as other business verticals, and creates measurable impact by improving cybersecurity and data privacy preparedness.



The CH methodology comprises the following steps:

  1. Extract knowledge and assess the needs and gaps of different employee groups at healthcare organisations through a survey questionnaire
  2. Process and analyse the participants’ responses
  3. Identify the most effective strategy to address each cybersecurity and data privacy risk
  4. Recommend targeted human-centric controls to implement the strategy
  5. The management team can apply the controls to the workforce to improve the situation

Additional resources

Deliverable   D4.4 Cyber Hygiene (to be published)
Paper        Panda, Sakshyam, Emmanouil Panaousis, George Loukas, and Christos Laoudias. "Optimizing investments in cyber hygiene for protecting healthcare users." In From Lambda Calculus to Cybersecurity Through Program Analysis, pp. 268-291. Springer, Cham, 2020.
Asset page     Human-centric Cyber Hygiene on the Horizon Results Platform
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