CUREX's open online courses on Cybersecurity


Employees have always been the first-tier emergency responders for reporting unusual events or suspicious behaviours in the system, with the purpose to prevent a cybersecurity breach. To this end, CUREX is launching a series of online courses in order to promote cybersecurity and privacy awareness, so that the employees in a healthcare organisation become capable of identifying potential threats and risks.

Seven online courses have been prepared by the academic partners of the consortium. These courses are related to the following topics in the field of Cybersecurity:

  1. Introduction to cybersecurity and GDPR
  2. Cybersecurity in Healthcare
  3. Standards in healthcare and medical informatics
  4. Cyber Hygiene Training and Awareness
  5. Cyber risk management
  6. Knowledge Discovery and Thread Detection
  7. Network security

You will find the online courses published by CUREX here.


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