CUREX at the Workshop on Cyber Security Situation Awareness for Health Organizations, Belgium


On July 10th, the SPHINX H2020 project organised its first Workshop on Cyber Security Situation Awareness for Health Organizations (CyberSec4Health) in Brussels, Belgium. Prof. Christos Xenakis was invited to represent CUREX in the clustering event of the workshop, which focused on the important topic of the end-user requirements elicitation process and validation of initial results. The objectives of the event was the exchange of knowledge and experience among the projects that participated, as well as to provide and receive feedback in order for each project to improve its results.

C. Xenakis, in his keynote talk “CUREX Project focus on User Requirements”, presented CUREX’s approach and outcomes, as these have been described in Deliverable D2.1 “Use cases and requirements”. The workshop has been successful and all participants promised to meet again for a second version to demonstrate the progress made on the requirements collection and analysis.


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