CUREX Platform

The CUREX Platform is composed of a number of components (tools, applications, blockchain). These components, as well as their interdependencies, are shown in below, which depicts the basic system architecture to be further refined in the course of the project. The integrated CUREX Platform will rely on a flexible and agile architecture comprising of four discrete layers:

  • The Asset Discovery layer, which involves the tools and methodologies which consider the mapping of data, technical and human resources into ontological models.
  • The Threat Intelligence layer, which includes the discovery of vulnerabilities and the analysis of various resources that will identify potential threats.
  • The Risk Management layer, which involves the analysis and the generation of quantifiable risks that consider both cybersecurity and privacy, and the proposition of optimal safeguards and cyber hygiene enhancing techniques based on decision support systems.
  • The Trust Enhancing layer, which includes the deployment of a business consensus-based blockchain that will store compiled risks reports from the previous layers and will integrate the CUREX tools and end-user applications into a fully GDPR compliant platform.


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