CUREX at the Nicosia Risk Forum 2020


Nicosia Risk Forum is an innovative event for the area of South-Eastern Europe, hosting an impressive array of stakeholders (i.e., academic, industrial, governmental, policy, and other societal stakeholders) with a significant interest in societal safety. This year’s theme of NRF2020 has focused on “Regional Collaboration in Societal Safety”. The Covid-19 pandemic and its severe worldwide implications have proven once more that the inherent risks of our increasingly complex and interconnected world significantly challenge the implementation of fundamental societal functions.

Aliki Dimitrellou from 8Bells LTD presented CUREX in the event, as a cybersecurity solution in line with this year’s aim, since it focuses on securing and protecting the health data exchange at regional and local level within Europe. The adoption of CUREX and everything it stands for, such as data security and privacy, transparency and auditability, can greatly assist in dealing with the dire worldwide implications of COVID-19.


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