CUREX at the Final Concertation Meeting for Unit H1


CUREX was selected to represent the Health Cluster in the roundtable on "Cluster topic priorities – Findings and recommendations from project clusters" that took place in the framework of the Final Concertation Meeting for Unit H1 on July 13th, 2021. The main event, entitled “Shaping the future of cybersecurity - Priorities, challenges and funding opportunities for a more resilient Europe”, brought together participants from the Health, Energy, Critical Infrastructure, Finance, and Threat Intelligence clusters.

A key feature of the Concertation Meeting was to foster collaboration and cross fertilization, by identifying new partnership opportunities between projects based on the EU Project Radar and demonstrating results from existing clusters projects formed around market readiness levels. Mariza Konidi from INTRASOFT International was there to provide feedback on the experience with the clustering activities we had in the past representing CUREX and the rest of the Health Cluster projects, and finally to indicate findings and recommendations for future related activities.



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