CUREX at the eHealth Network


On June 3rd, CUREX had the privilege of being among the four EU projects funded under the same topic that were invited to participate at the 19th eHealth Network, the European network that provides a platform for Member States’ competent authorities responsible for eHealth.

In a slot dedicated to research project results relevant to the work carried out by the eHealth Network, CUREX, PANACEA, SPHINX and ProTego delivered coordinated presentations emphasising on project achievements that have the potential to be considered in the context of the EU digital health policies.

The Project Coordinator, Prof. Christos Xenakis from the University of Piraeus, represented the consortium at the event, where he also delivered the introductory presentation for all participating projects. On behalf of CUREX, Prof. Xenakis presented the Cyber Hygiene framework suggesting that, despite the effort invested to securing the healthcare services and infrastructures, end-users will always play a major role in safeguarding critical systems and therefore, they must be properly educated using tailor-made programs that take into account their background and expertise.

CUREX's complete presentation is available here.


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