CUREX at the Webinar on Cybersecurity Risk Management


CUREX was invited to participate on 23 November, 2020 at the half-day webinar entitled “Cybersecurity risk management: How to strengthen resilience and adapt in 2021” organized by the, bringing together several experts in the field from the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), the industry, as well as representatives from six EU funded projects working towards delivering cybersecurity risk assessment solutions.

Eleni Veroni from the University of Piraeus during her presentation “Blockchain-based risk-assessment management for healthcare”, introduced the CUREX cybersecurity and privacy assessment toolkit comprised of the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) and the Privacy Assessment Tool (PAT), which have been designed and developed specifically for different types of healthcare organisation infrastructures and services.

Remarkable presentations and discussions took place among the over 100 participants (see the infographic here), most of whom were consulting experts from international firms. The purpose of the virtual event was to cover the practical aspects of the Cybersecurity Risk Management, while also offering guidance and tools to small and medium enterprises that wish to stay ahead of threats and away from regulatory missteps.


Watch the recorded webinar video below.



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