CUREX at the 1st End-Users/Stakeholders Workshop, Italy

On 28-29 of May, PANACEA, an R&D H2020 project funded under the same programme as CUREX, organized its 1st End-Users/Stakeholders Workshop in Rome, Italy. The intent of the workshop was to share knowledge and the very first findings of fellow R&D H2020 projects with the community, discuss the cybersecurity needs in healthcare ecosystem and identify relevant use cases built on stakeholders’ experience, for user requirements elicitation.

Prof. Christos Xenakis, the Project Coordinator, was invited to participate in the workshop, representing CUREX. Towards building new synergies with H2020 projects that share goals similar to CUREX’s, Prof. C. Xenakis (UPRC) traveled to Rome to attend the workshop, where he was given the opportunity to present our project’s objectives and novelties. Having completed the first iteration of user requirements, CUREX was able to contribute to the user requirements elicitation procedure, as well as benefit from exchanging knowledge on the different approaches and methodologies adopted by other projects.




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