Expert in collecting, storing and processing sensitive data, Almerys ( ambitions to become the global digital trust leader over the coming 10 years. Almerys provides products and services in digital trust, sovereignty and privacy-by-design, ranging from tier 4+ level data centers, to identities management, electronic signature, dynamic consent management, transactional payments, legal and probative archival of sensitive data, as well as personalized services brokering.

Almerys does so in an integrated manner thanks to an industrialized platform, based on its EBEE® (digital trust), Cleyris® (3rd generation trusted third payments) and FedEHR® (anonymization, secure sharing and blockchain) products. With a 75M euros annual turnover, Almerys serves more than 230 Thousand professionals and 22 Million individuals. As of today, Almerys is the French leader of trusted third payments for healthcare insurances, handling 98% of pharmacies transactions, thus accounting for € 9 Billion and >44 Million real-time data transactions every year. In order to cope with the scale, and with an average 40% annual growth rate, Almerys is continuously improving its unique digital trust platform to encompass best of breed technologies and approaches. Almerys owns and operates its data centers, with thousands of dedicated virtual machines and hundreds of TB of data. Data centers are equipped with hyperconverged servers and the highest security standards.

Located in Paris, Toulouse, Grenoble, Annecy and Clermont-Ferrand in France, Clermont-Ferrand being its headquarters, Almerys thus employs 450 persons in France, as well as >1400 in Canada, USA, Romania and Madagascar. Almerys has the capacity to host several researchers over the coming years. With 16 years of experience in the field of digital trust, Almerys makes its platform available for free to researchers and research project consortia as an exploration and acceleration tool for collecting, managing and processing sensitive data and payments, while enabling productisation of innovative new applications. Almerys has always been involved in various types of research projects at national and European levels, such as e.g., CardiAuvergne ( remote surveillance and telemedicine for patients suffering of cardiac insufficiencies, or more recently MyHealthMyData ( dealing with medical sensitive data transactions over a blockchain.

Almerys’ solutions offer full compliance with the French CNIL (e.g., Almerys is HDS certified, with Tier IV+ level data centers located in Clermont-Ferrand), as well as ahead of its application, full compliance with the European General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), which will apply from May 2018 onward, thus impacting the present project. Almerys offers a complete portfolio of tools to collect, manage consent and cohort data, while respecting data minimization and anonymization principles. Almerys will significantly support the proposed project with industrial means to ensure privacy-by-design and individual-centric services.

Within the project lifetime, Almerys’ objective is to come up with a properly sized industrial infrastructure and platform to host future applications of the like, but also equip partners of the resulting network. This project is thus strategic to the opening of its exploration and acceleration platform. The project will be the guinea pig to calibrating its blockchain infrastructure, coupled with its internal big data and validating an operational architecture allowing various degrees of data and processing externalization.


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