Academic seminar on the use of blockchain technology in CUREX


Our colleagues from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid held on December 21st 2021 an academic seminar on the use of blockchain technology in CUREX, offered as part of their master’s program entitled “EIT Digital Fintech Master Program”. Mr. Octavio Perez-Kampner from Almerys who leads the effort in the development of the CUREX Private Blockchain (PrB), was invited as guest lecturer on the topic, delivering a presentation on "The CUREX's Private Blockchain: challenges and applications".

After introducing the scope of the CUREX project to the attendees, Mr. Perez-Kampner briefly presented the tools involved in the pipeline, focusing on the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) and Privacy Assessment Tool (PAT) that interact the most with the PrB. The presenter later elaborated on the process employed by CUREX to combine the risk assessment scores provided by these tools using the CUREX risk matrix. Moreover, the context of Use Case 1 in which the PrB is used was presented to the students, along with the design decisions made regarding the data published on the blockchain given the strict regulatory constraints imposed by the GDPR.

The master’s students were particularly interested in the technical details behind the CUREX blockchain implementation, asking several questions with regard to the personal data transmission, the architecture, and the development of the specialised smart contracts and the corresponding API endpoints. The seminar was well received by the audience and recorded to be shared with more students in the future.



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