CUREX at the PRIViLEDGE Virtual Workshop


CUREX was one of the three H2020 projects selected to be presented at the virtual workshop “Data Sharing and Privacy – What Has Changed in the Era of COVID? A Deep Dive into Policy Dilemmas and New Technological Solutions”, organised by PRIViLEDGE on October 15th, 2020. PRIViLEDGE, a EU-funded project releasing data privacy and anonymity tools, for an investigation into how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) can offer solutions for data security and privacy issues, hosted the virtual event, bringing together researchers, innovators and policy makers.

Prof. Christos Xenakis participated in the event presenting CUREX and sharing insights and our research outcomes related to cybersecurity in healthcare. Interesting follow-up discussions took place, focusing on the high potential that the blockchain technology currently has shown in becoming a standard tool for ensuring the traceability and auditability of data.



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