CUREX at the Data Protection for Health Care Workshop


On September 16th 2020, CUREX was presented at the Data Protection for Health Care workshop that took place online in a live stream, in the framework of the 6th EAI International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good (EAI GoodTechs 2020). The workshop was organised by ProTego, an H2020 project that shares similar goals and objectives with CUREX, and aspires to provide a data-protection toolkit reducing risks in hospitals and care centers.

Eleni Veroni from the University of Piraeus represented the consortium at a live Q&A session of the workshop which, in these unprecedented times, happened through a Slack channel dedicated to the event. CUREX’s presentation attracted interesting questions regarding the risk assessment module of the platform, and initiated a promising discussion on Cyber Hygiene and our online survey that is currently in progress, aiming at identifying the employee group-specific gaps and needs with regards to raising cybersecurity and data privacy awareness in healthcare organisations.

The CUREX and ProTego representatives agreed to follow up on a potential collaboration early next year, where the two projects can compare their survey results related to the Cyber Hygiene and explore the possibility of co-organising an educational activity.

Below you may find the complete video from the online workshop.




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