CUREX co-organised the DeSECSys workshop under ESORICS 2020


CUREX co-organized on September 17th 2020, the 1st Workshop on Dependability and Safety Emerging Cloud and Fog Systems (DeSECSyS) under the framework of ESORICS 2020. DeSECSys is the second workshop organised by our project, this time in collaboration with four more H2020 projects (FutureTPM, INCOGNITO, SECONDO & ASTRID) that came together to set up an interesting virtual event.

The goal of the DeSECSys workshop was to foster collaborations and discussions among cyber security researchers and practitioners regarding the various applications, opportunities, and possible shortcomings of emerging technologies and their integration.

Some of the topics were:

  • Emerging security and privacy solutions
  • Next-generation trustworthy computing security solutions and attacks (TPMs, TEEs, SGX, SE) and their impact
  • Utilization of novel artificial intelligence and machine learning-based technologies in the context of security
  • Blockchains/Smart Contracts for auditability and accountability
  • Fog Computing
  • Security in 5G networks
  • Impact of quantum computing on cybersecurity

DeSECSys featured a rich agenda including keynote talks, presentations of research papers in the field, and brief overviews of EU-funded research and innovation projects, all of them related to cyber security. During the keynote talks, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the cyber security issues that both businesses and consumers face in everyday life. Moreover, four scientific papers were presented from their authors and all five participating projects demonstrated their progress made beyond the state of the art.

The clustering event was held online via Zoom, and our consortium supported the activity both as participants and presenters. Specifically, Eleni Veroni from the University of Piraeus introduced the CUREX concept to all attendees, while several representatives from different partners were in the audience.

Watch the video below to check the highlights of the event!



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